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Josie and the Pussycats
Made with DeviantArt muro

I redid the picture because I forgot to add a tail to Melody.

See the Pussycats before they became Pussycats.


The level-headed, headstong, red-headed leader and co-founder of the Pussycats. She is the lead vocalist, plays guitar and occasionally sings lead. Despite being somewhat of a tomboy, she takes caution in any situation, mainly because of Alexandra's recklessness.

The cute, spacey, blonde co-founder and drummer of the Pussycats. She is usually oblvious and naïve to all things serious. Despite to this, she always maintain a cheerful, optimistic attitude.

A smart, quick temper, and street-wise young African-American. She plays keyboard and performs back-up vocals. Valerie is more tomboyish than her two bandmates. Besides playing music, she is also good with science and a skilled auto mechanic.


Alexander Cabot III (Al C)
Pussycats' shifty, cowardly, not-too-dependable manager. He gets them in hot water with his crazy promotional schemes.

Alexandra "Alex" Cabot
A cruel, offensive, rude, self-centered, talentless, spoiled rich girl who wants everyone to worship her. Her father is Alexander Cabot II, successful businessman, and her twin-brother is Alexander Cabot III. Whether she is older or younger than Alexander is debatable, she's called him her "baby brother".

Alan M. Mayberry (Al M)
A handsome young teenage boy who plays guitar. He shows a romantic interest in Josie, and ignores Alexandra's feelings for him. 

Alexandra's Tuxedo Cat. Alexandra and Sebastian's bond is represented in that they both have a matching white stripe in their middle of their hair/fur. He enjoys being mean and sometimes appears to go to the enemy's side. Alexandra sometimes asks Sebastian to do bad things to Josie, but her tricks usually backfire.
Sinister syndicate
A group of supervillains who band together to defeat Spider-Man.

Vulture/Adrian Toomes  - An elderly scientist who donned a vulture flight suite to take revenge against those whom he'd claimed to spurned and rejected him.

Sandman/Flint "William" Marko - A petty crook with the ability to turn himself into sand.

Electro/Max Dillon - Once, he was an electrical repairman and a friend of the Parkers, until a freak accident caused his body to become living electricity.

Chameleon, master of disguise - He wears a shifting belt to capturing an image of any person, so that he can turn into that person.

Shocker/Herman Schultz - A mugger turned mercenary who fires electric bolts and compressed air from his gauntlets.

Doctor Octopus/Otto Gunther Octavius - A highly intelligent scientist who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages.

Mysterio/Quentin Beck - Master hypnotist and special effects, and illusion expert.  

Rhino/Alexander O'Hirn - A man with a Rhino suit that grants high-level resistance to temperature and damage.
1892, 19th century England

Etenally stuck at fourteen-years-old, unable to age

Human-Elf Hybrid


Tall, slender, lightly tanned, golden blond hair, dark brown eyes, barefooted, 
and pointy elf ears

A leafy sleeveless top, vine wrist bands and one arm band on his left arm, one silver earring on his right ear, and long brown tights.

A dagger in a hostler on his right leg
and musical pipes hangingfrom his neck.

Peter's origin</strong>:
Peter was born to a woman named Jenny and her husband. When Peter was 2-year-old his father mysteriously went missing, assumed dead. His mother passed away 4 years later, as a result, Peter became orphaned, living at St. Norbert's Home for Wayward Boys. 10 years later, he was placed on a ship to work as a cabin boy, until a hurricane struck and the ship was destroyed with everyone on board, only Peter survived. He eventually came ashore on Winter Isle, an icy, snowy island ruled by an evil Ice King Kyros. Once on the island, Peter made friends with mermaids,  the island tree spirits and a tribe of peaceful Indians called Kaw. A conflict between Peter and King Kyros started when Kyros learned Peter was on the island. He also had an unfortunate encounter with his later archenemy, an evil pirate named Captain Jas. Hook. On the island, there was a magic dust called stardust, mined by the island's tree spirits, that grants the whoever is exposed to it the power of flight. Due to over-exposer, Peter gained eternal youth and permanent flying abilities. It also changed him into a human/elf hybrid. With his new power, and help of Kaw tribe warriors and a tree spirit Tinker Bell , he fought Kyros, and set fire to kyros's ice castle, thus melting the ice all over the island and Kyros as well, turning it into Neverland. Once Kyros was defeated, Peter became accustom to his new living situation. However, Hook wanted to know the location of the stardust to take for himself, taking Indian Princess Tiger Lily hostage. Peter  flew to save the princess though accidentally cut off Hook's left hand during the sword fight. What happen then was that a crocodile grabbed the Captain's hand and ate it. For his heroics, the Kaw welcomed Peter to gave him the tribe and named him 'Pan', thus he assumed the name, Peter Pan. Over the  next centuries, he formed a trio of Lost Boys(consisted of Foxy, Tootles, and Cubby) and together they had fun and adventures everywhere in Never Land. This led to the beginning of the stories of Peter Pan.

Heroic, brave, playful, charming, adventurous, cocky and resourceful

Peter is very fun-loving, clever and loyal. He can be careless, stubborn, and quick to point out how great he is at times, but he does have a strong sense of responsibility, and is always quick to assist and rescue those in need. Throughout his time on Never Land, his actions would lead to trouble, but he quickly thinks upon the situation and does whatever he can to set things right, which shows that he is far wiser and more mature than any adult could ever be. </p>

Tinker Bell, Foxy, Cubby, Tootles, Meera, Cynthia, Maia Darling kids (Wendy, John and Michael), Great Chief, Tiger Lily and the mermaids

Captain Hook and his pirates

Living on Never Land, flying, adventures, games, having fun, parties and surprises

Captain Hook, pirates, danger, getting old, feeling sad, losing friends and being alone 

Flight: Do to over-exposer to stardust, Peter had gained his most unique trait, the ability to fly without any physical methods. He uses this to gain the advantage on those who cannot

Speed, Agility & Reflexes: Peter is very fast and agile, possessing good reflexes

Flute play: Peter can play the musical pipes very well

Woodcarving: Peter can carve anything out of wood.

Sword-Fighting: Peter is very skilled with his trusty dagger. He's swordsman skills rival even Captain Hook.

Guess Who
Who's the Green Goblin.

Norman Osborn - The man who invinted Globulin Green

or son Harry Osborn.


Mario McClodden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My birthday is NOT August 8, It's August 9, so the bottom of About Me is wrong.


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